The 411 On WP Lead Prompt
Hey JVs, this is San Lee here. WPLeadPrompt is an evergreen WordPress theme that generates a MASSIVE amount of leads. It’s mobile ready and fully responsive – exactly what businesses need their websites to be to rank high on mobile searches. Rank these sites in Google and watch them suck in prospects like crazy! The simplicity and 10 minutes setup of this theme is going to make it an offliners “go to” theme. So hop on board and make some commissions!

Check out some of the powerful features WPLeadPrompt has to offer:

    • Customizable sliders
    • Add your own logo
    • Google map and citation pop-up in the footer
    • Call to action form (no auto-responders or third party plugins required)
    • Built-in mobile version renders AUTOMATICALLY
    • Add video into widgets
    • Customize your widget icons to make your site niche specific
    • Custom favicon
    • Add your social media sites
    • 9 built in color schemes
    • Testimonial slider
    • And so much more…

Take a look at the copy: WPLeadPrompt Launch Page

Preview a demo of the theme.

Get Top Notch JV Support

Need anything? Feel free to get in touch with me. Review copies will be given to trusted partners.


Skype: san.lee3

Our Goldmine Funnel

WPLeadPrompt will feature THREE license options on the Front End and 2 OTOs 

Front End: $27-$47
Single/Multi-Site/Developer License

OTO 1: $27
Logo Graphics Pack

OTO 2: $17
Stock Photo Pack


Affiliate Link

All products are listed on JVZoo. Just one link for you to get approved for all three licenses and OTOs.

Grab your link here:

WPLeadPrompt All Licenses

Surefire Converting Swipes
Day 1 Swipes
Subject: SEDUCE visitors into contacting you!
Hey {!FirstName},

What would you say if I could give you a way to setup a website that pulled in leads like CRAZY?

Do you think that you would be able lease that site out to a local business?


Better yet, how about selling the leads on a “pay-per-call/lead” basis?

Hopefully you’re starting to see dollar signs here…

You should do yourself a favor and check out this wicked simple WordPress theme I just found out about.

Go here now, before the offer is over!


Talk soon,


Subject: FINALLY! A lead generation theme that ACTUALLY generates LEADS.
If you’re an offline marketer, you know that the number one job you have is to make your client more money.

What better way to do that than to set up a website that SEDUCES visitors into contacting them?

You can rent them out or just SELL the leads on a per call/lead basis.

Up until now, setting up these lead generation sites was a complicated and an EXHAUSTING task.


Go here RIGHT NOW and check out this WordPress theme that will have you up and running in about 10 minutes.


You can thank me later (:


Day 2 Swipes
Subject: Force visitors to contact you, LEGALLY!
Hey {!FirstName}

Have you checked out the lead generation theme which I talked about yesterday?


My good friend San has re-opened the doors for WP Lead Prompt to the public after almost a year, so I want to make sure you grab a copy before he decides to close it again due to overwhelming demand.

Here’s what WP Lead Prompt offers:

Customizable sliders
Integrated Google map and citation pop-up
Call to action form (no auto-responders or third party plugins required!)
Built-in mobile version renders AUTOMATICALLY
Add video into widgets
Customizable widget icons
and more!

I don’t want to give away too much here, so make sure you check it out on his website


To your success,


Subject: The MUST HAVE lead generation theme for offline marketers
Hi {!FirstName}

WP Lead Prompt has just launched yesterday, and it’s flying off the shelves like hotcakes!

And here’s what some customers are saying…

“I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for the great WP lead gen theme”

“This theme really has everything you need in it to be able to sell/lease it to local business”

“Great theme. I’ve been looking for something like this!”

“Tons of styles, colors, header options, favicon built in, SLIDERS (which clients love), and MOBILE! It’s really a no brainer!”

But don’t just take their words, check it out below for yourself!


Yours Sincerely,


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